Who's Behind this Website?

About Me

I'm Robert Miller and I am a Web Designer. I've spent the past 10 years working in this field and have gathered a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. I have worked with countless talented Web Designers and have been able to learn a lot from them.

I am passionate about sharing the knowledge that I have acquired over the years with people who are interested in learning more about web design.

That is why I created this platform for Web Designers, aspiring Web Designers and Hobby Web Designers.


Professional Background

I have always been fascinated with technology. And even as a child I loved doing creative activities. Web Design perfectly combines these two things. That's why - when I finished school - I knew for a fact that this was the field I wanted to work in.

So, I applied for an appreticeship at Tanner & Co. and - thankfully - got it. That's where I learned all of the basics of web design.

After finishing my apprenticeship, I worked at countless other companies and regularly further educated myself until eventually, 2 years ago, I decided to create my own business. And with that, this platform was created.


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